Physical Ability Test

A test which is designed to test the physical ability of a person is known as a physical ability test. These tests are often conducted at work places which hire people who can perform certain tasks which require a certain level of endurance and physical strength.

These tests are in the form of written questionnaires which test the candidate on the basis of his/her physical abilities but in some cases, practical tests may also be taken to measure the flexibility, physical strength etc of the candidate. The following is a detailed description of a physical ability test.

Physical ability test benefits:

A physical ability test helps organisations in picking up those employees who would provide the maximum productivity and whose chances of facing injuries would be less. These tests promote informed decision making and thereby help the organisation in selecting the best possible employee base

Who should take a physical ability test?

A physical ability test must be taken by those individuals who are likely to work at a position which would demand them to do physical work and tasks which will test their physical endurance. Even those individuals who have got injured and want to reapply for a position can take these tests to see whether they are fit for the position or not.

How to book for a physical ability test?

Since these tests are conducted by organisations by their will and choice, there is no way to book them beforehand or by paying a fee or a sum.

What does a physical ability test have?

A physical ability tests generally measures the following:

  • Grip strength

  • Lifting range

  • Aerobic capacity

  • Work tolerance

  • Static lifting strengths

These tests are time bound but the time frame varies from company to company. Both written and practical physical ability tests can be conducted.

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