Psychometrics is a measure of psychological aspects like personality, behavior, moods, knowledge etc. Hence as is obvious, a psychometric test measures changes in the above mentioned qualities and identifies any deviation from the natural traits.

Who should take the test?

Although anybody who has an issue related to behavior or personality or any psychology related trait can take the test, a few situations are defined as chronic changes.

  • Mood Swings
  • Appetite changes
  • Sleep Issues
  • Energy changes
  • Rapid change in lifestyle
  • High stress or strain

What does the test do?

This test can be taken for various purposes and the result and the type of questions asked will depend on the type of test opted and the purpose. The test asks questions on the personality, behavior, lifestyle of the test taker. After this is done, it gives an in depth analysis of the patterns of changes and the amount of deviation. These are best interpreted by an expert, but for novices a summary is provided at the end which gives a fair idea of the entire test.

Take a sample test:

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