Sales aptitude of a person is basically tested by testing him in various areas like appearance, social skills, soft skills, persuasive ability, presence of mind and a positive approach. A career in sales involves a lot of hard work. The behavioural qualities are tested when a sales aptitude test is conducted. Employers in marketing jobs hire people as salesmen and conduct these tests before hiring them as professionals.

What does the test do?

The exam has several questions on areas of soft skills, multiple skill set, knowledge of the product in question, etc. The basic test might include questions on what is expected from an average person who might be a success in the field of marketing. The test can be a multiple choice question or a one line answer expected exam.

Sales Aptitude Test Benefits:

The main benefit of the employers lies in the acknowledgement of the aptitude of the candidate. Once he is able to analyze this through tests, he will be able to gauge the level at which the candidate can be placed at the employment ladder. A candidate appearing for the test is benefitted when he takes the results seriously and works on his weak areas. The results give a percentage of the score and the areas tested on. Thus any improvements can be easily tracked.

Take a sample test:

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