A career in sales requires all those skills that help us persuade a customer to buy a product. A skill test hence ensures that the candidate applying for a job in sales or an employee already working in the field is right for the job.

Sales Skills Test Benefits:

With a sales skill test result, one can identify the flaws present in an individual with regards to marketing. Also taking this test at regular intervals will ensure that there is continuous improvement in the growth of the individual as a sales representative. A few marketing employers today conduct this test to ensure the recruitment of the right candidate.

Who should take the test?

As the name indicates, people applying for a career in sales or employees already in the field should take this test. Also people interested to know their aptness as a sales executive are also encouraged to give an attempt.

What does the test do?

Since the test has to test the candidate at sales skills, it has a questionnaire with multiple choice questions on the following areas

  • Managing buyer-seller relationship
  • Sales Call Planning (SCP)
  • Questioning skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Gaining commitment
  • And presence of mind

After this test is taken the candidate will get a report on his performance which will help him discover the areas in which he needs improvement along with techniques for better performance. Regular testing helps track growth and development.

Take a sample test:

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