Scholastic aptitude tests are a measure of one’s cognitive ability, general knowledge and general aptitude. These tests test reasoning, abstract thinking, creativity of the test taker. These tests are conducted by employers to test the general aptitude of the candidates applying for a job. Periodic Scholastic aptitude tests are conducted even after employment and training to test the improvement of the employees.

What does the test do?

As is mentioned, the test has a lot of questions for testing the logical thinking and general aptitude of an individual. Specific tests used for testing specific areas can have more concentration on those areas. After the test is taken, it is clearly mentioned in a format with areas tested, the percentage scored by the candidate, the percentage expected or tested against and scope and suggestions for improvement. Periodic testing helps the candidate analyse his improvement.

Scholastic Aptitude Test Benefits:

These tests are a high end benefit to the employers since they help the employers judge the cognitive ability of the candidates. It also returns the areas of improvement of the candidates making it easier for the employers to train them. Candidates who take the test benefit when they have a report on their abilities and are advised as to where they need to improvise. The results are generally graphs or percentage equivalents on areas of testing. Hence the performance and improvements can be gauged very easily.

Take a sample test:

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