A Sci-fi Personality test is a match between the test taker and a science fiction character. It is an interesting option for science fiction lovers. These tests are a fun purpose test and bear no resemblance to reality. There are a number of such tests available on the internet.

Sci-fi Personality Test Benefits:

As it is purely a fun purpose test, there are no major benefits. However a lot of people find it interesting and innovative to check whether their thinking and perception (mainly personality) resembles the character they admire the most.

Who can take the test?

Anybody can take the test and there are no restrictions. However it is to be kept in mind that these tests are fictitious in nature and may not be admissible as real evidence. It is advisable that kids take this test under adult supervision.

What does the test do?

The test has a lot of questions on the personality of the test taker. Mostly there are multiple choice questions. Once the answers are given, they are matched with the already known traits of famous science fiction characters. The character with maximum matches with the profile of the test taker is selected as the sci-fi personality of the test taker.

Take a sample test:

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