It is a general misconception that people with sexual diseases only need to go in for a sexual health test. In fact this is the only area where the condition deteriorates before any hazard can be recognized. These tests were obsolete once upon a time but are in great demand these days because of the rapid spreading of AIDS and STD’s.

Sexual Health Test Benefits:

A sexual health test can diagnose all reproductive organ related issues like AIDS and other STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). This early diagnosis helps treatment easy and less unreliable. Also for certain diseases where treatments are not available, the symptoms can be suppressed.

Who should take the test?

People with active sex life and after a certain age are required to take this test regularly preferably every year.

What does the test do?

The test has two parts of which the first part is a written exam and the next and the most important part is the lab testing. The written exam has questions on previous sexual interactions, allergies, health deviations, etc. The lab exam involves taking vaginal secretions for women and swabs for men apart from urine samples. The report is generated after thoroughly testing the samples. Any identified deviations from normal values are immediately reported.

Take a sample test:

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