Systems Security Certified Practitioner is a certification in the Information Security arena. It is conducted by ICS(2)[International Information System Security Certification Consortium]. It is also valid for professionals working in the areas of network storage and access.

SSCP Benefits:

The certification validates Knowledge in Information Security. It offers credibility in the employers view. It also offers access to peer networking technologies. Certified candidates find professional scope as Information systems auditors, Application Programmers, System, Network, Database Administrators, System Analysts, Network Security Engineers, Security System Analysts and Security Administrators.

SSCP Certification Requirements:

The test taker must subscribe to ICS(2). He/She must have at least one year of experience in any of the domains. The test domains of the exam will be

  • Access Controls
  • Administration
  • Audit and Monitoring
  • Risk, Response and Recovery
  • Cryptography
  • Data Communications
  • Malicious code/Malware

How to take the test:

The test taker has to be a subscriber of ISC(2) and this can be done by an Annual Membership Fee of 65 USD .The exam costs around 295 USD. Recertification has to be taken every three years for the validity to continue. To register the candidate can log on into the ISC website.

Take a sample test:

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