A subconscious state is a state when the mind is active partially and the person is oblivious to the surroundings. This is generally the state of mind when the probability of lying is almost negligible. Hence this state is constantly in need to determine the actual personality of an individual. A subconscious personality test is an effort to make sure that a person cannot lie about anything asked, thus attempting to get his original personality out.

Subconscious Personality Test Benefits:

The benefit of these tests is similar to any personality test and the results are only more accurate. These help medically to diagnose any hidden problem. These are mainly done to diagnose those problems which consciously one is trying to avoid. A lot of fears and complexes can be overcome by the results of the test.

Who should take the test?

Any one interested in knowing about his personality can take the test. It is recommended for people with psychological issues who fail to acknowledge them as potential problems.

What does the test do?

Since this test has to bring out the subconscious side in the test taker, it utilizes a few techniques. The test has a quiz which typically has symbols, figures, pictures which have a psychological effect on the mind of the person. It is then asked to describe what the figures mean to the individual. Since there is always an honest answer, the true personality is revealed by studying the mind and perception of the individual. A report is generated which reveals the true personality of the test taker.

Take a sample test:

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