The Seven Rules about taking Career Tests

The career test and personality test are two types of tests for job seekers for identifying the job which suits the candidate’s interest and style. Sometimes there may be a confusion in the role of personality and career tests. To avoid such confusion, an author called Richard Nelson Bolles has developed the seven rules about taking career tests which help the job seekers.

The following are the seven rules of Richard Nelson Bolles

1. First rule

There is no test which is loved by everyone: When you begin a test, and if you don’t like the test or having any difficulties in selecting the answers, stop taking the test and look for another test that suits you much better.

2. Second rule

There is no one test which every time gives better results than others: This is because there are different kinds of tests and there are different kinds of test takers, so the results vary.

3. Third rule

No test should be assumed as accurate: In various tests, if any individual answers even two questions incorrectly, then the results will be completely wrong.

4. Fourth rule

Take several different tests rather than one: From more than two tests, an individual gets a better view of one’s choices, profile and good career advice.

5. Fifth rule

Allow your intuition to be your guide: Better than any test, you know much about yourself. You should have trust on your intuition. Avoid the summary which the test gives you if it seems to be wrong.

6. Sixth rule

Tests should not make you forget about your uniqueness: Most tests do not really reveal about your uniqueness. Career counselor may better help you in finding out the possible direction in the career, which makes use of your unique capabilities and desires.

7. Seventh rule

You need to do hard thinking of yourself before finishing with a test: Going through the results is not sufficient. You should evaluate yourself thoroughly and think what makes you different from others.

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