Types of Aptitude Tests for Students

Aptitude tests are used to determine a candidate’s capabilities in specific areas. It is similar to intelligence and skill tests. To assess student’s skills in different areas, aptitude tests are conducted. There are different types of aptitude tests for students which are used to assess their abilities in specific areas.

Following tests are some of the aptitude tests which are commonly used in assessing the students.

Math test

Numerical reasoning is a common type of aptitude test. This type of test consists of math questions and assesses the ability of performing calculations using division, addition, multiplication and subtraction. Some of the complex tests include analyzing the data by using tables, charts and graphs. In this type of test, the students are not allowed to use calculator.

Verbal aptitude test

This type of test determines a candidate’s ability to communicate in a specific language and the written skills. In verbal aptitude test, usually the questions are framed to test the grammar, meaning of words and synonyms and antonyms. Sometimes this test also contains a comprehension test, in which the students should answer the given questions by reading a passage.

Spatial aptitude test

Spatial aptitude test analyzes a candidate’s ability of using visual imagination in rotating the spatial objects, manipulating the shapes, and in determining the relation between spatial objects. This test is similar to that of numerical reasoning aptitude test.

Abstract aptitude test

Abstract reasoning aptitude test determines the student’s power in understanding the complex concepts. It mainly determines finding out a solution to a given problem by finding the logic within a pattern. This type of test is considered as a good sign of fluid intelligence and the ability to work out new information. Fluid intelligence test determines the ability to think, reasoning, forming concepts, solving problems and finding the similarities.

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