The main technique that works for typing is typing fast and accurate. It is essential in every computer related activity to type. Hence it is the main requirement for a person trying to learn to use the computer. The test that is conducted to test the typing skills i.e. typing fast and typing accurately is a typing skills test.

Typing Skills Test Benefits:

The main benefit is that the speed and accuracy of your writing is tested and a report on the same is generated. There are tips and tricks to perform better.

Who should take the test?

Anybody interested in knowing their speed and accuracy in typing can take this test and check the results. But it is compulsory for people applying for jobs that require them to type at work.

What does the test do?

The test has different levels of testing and the results suggest different levels cleared. It starts from the basic test and ranges up to an expert level. All one needs to do is select the level and start typing the text from a paragraph. One needs to complete the test in a stipulated time period. After the time is up the total number of words accurately typed are recorded and the time taken is noted. On calculation the typing skills are estimated. Accordingly tips to improve are mentioned in the report summary.

Take a sample test:

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