UNIX test is generally conducted among students who would like to work in UNIX and build up their career with this field. Generally the number of questions is 25. The questions are in multiple choice formats and the duration of the test of one hour. The UNIX test is used for selection of candidates with knowledge in UNIX who has experience and training exposure in this operating system. The following are the details on UNIX test.

UNIX test Benefits:

The benefits of UNIT test are that it can be used for inducted people for experienced positions in UNIX jobs. The UNIT test may not always be a standalone test that is conducted. It can be used in combination with other tests like C, C++, Java, HTML, etc.

Who should take the UNIX test?

Candidates who are interested to pursue employment in positions that include UNIX related jobs like executing special command statements, setting the context, environment variables, input and output settings, etc. Candidates also should know how to execute file input output operations.

How to book for the UNIX test?

Candidates can book for the UNIT test using online registration or through applying filled in forms at the employers’ site. Candidates need to have education in computer sciences that has definitely included courses in UNIX. More often companies coming for campus placement have simplified email registration and sign up procedures to appear for the UNIT test.

What does the UNIX test have?

The number of questions in a UNIX test ranges from 20 to 40. Candidates will be given an hour maximum time to answer the questions given in the UNIT test. The results will be made known to the appeared candidates through telephone call. The questions in the UNIT test may range between:

  • Special command line statements used in UNIX
  • Character control and setting environment variables
  • Writing shell scripts and input output commands

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