Wireless Technologies Test

What is the name of the behavior that occurs when the strengh of an electromagnetic wave is changed, such as by an antenna?

What is the name of the behavior that occurs when a electromagnetic wave is redirected in multiple directions, possibly resulting in a complete loss of usable signal at the destination?

You suspect that your long range outdoor wireless link may be losing signal strengh due to blockage of the Fresnel Zone by trees and buildings. At what percent Fresnel Zone blockage can you expect to start seeing signal loss?

What design feature causes an antenna to become an amplification device?

In long outdoor links, refraction of RF signals becomes a problem. Which of the following conditions is typically the reason for refraction in long outdoor links?

In the United States, how many channels are available for usage by 802.11b and 802.11g wireless networks?

If you were implementing a new 802.11b or 802.11g wireless network in your large warehouse, what three channels could you safely use without having overlap?

(choose three correct answers)

Your supervisor has charged you with determining which 802.11 authentication method to use when deploying the new wireless network. Given your knowledge of the 802.11 specification, which of the following is the most secure 802.11 authentication method?

What are the two WEP key sizes available in 802.11 networks?

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